Cecilia Vargas

Studio G16

+44 (0)7887 676064

Open Studios Winter 2019

I will be showing recent work on canvas, board and paper, as well as a few earlier paintings  that provide continuity between the past and the present. This is complemented by my private collection of collages also on display.

Cecilia Vargas, November 2019

Cecilia Vargas 2019 Untitled. Mixed media on board. 30 x 30 cm (2019)

Cecilia VargasUntitled. Mixed media on canvas. 16 x 26 cm (2019)

Cecilia Vargas

Untitled. Mixed media on canvas. 100 x 80 cm (2019)

Cecilia VargasUntitled. Mixed media on board. 25 x 25 cm (2019)

IMG_8226Untitled  - Mixed media on board (2018)

Homage_to_Chillida2Homage to Chillida 1 - Mixed media on paper (2016)

IMG_8230Untitled  - Mixed media on canvas (2018)

Homage_to_Chillida1Homage to Chillida 2 - Mixed media on paper (2016) 

IMG_8237Untitled  - Mixed media on board (2018)

Homage_to_Chillida3Homage to Chillida 3 - Mixed media on paper (2016)

IMG_8239Untitled  - Mixed media on board (2018)

Homage_to_Chillida4Homage to Chillida 4 - Mixed media on paper (2016)

Selection of other work shown in this Winter Open Studios:

Window series (Kiss)_2016


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