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Wheel-thrown porcelain with 24ct goldleaf










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There is a humour in my work, an element of the ridiculous, but also an element of sophistication. My work emulates this coupling of humour with sophistication and tries to exist where these two meet, creating an elegant style that sometimes teeters on the edge of vulgarity.

Jo Davies_lo_res

Detail of Stretching Handle Bowl. Wheel-thrown porcelain. Jo Davies












The exploration of clay is probably the most important aspect of this work. As I see it, an object I have made is best when it crystallises the liquidity of clay in the final ceramic. The glazes I use are chosen because they enhance this sense of water and flow created in the object’s making on the throwing wheel. This work is not an allegory and does not have a scripted narrative; it is instead the result of an intuitive enquiry into clay, using a visual language that is gradually unfolding with each piece made.

Twist Pendant_Jo Davies 72dpi

Original Twist Pendant


Jo Davies MA RCA

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