Susan Nemeth

SUSAN NEMETH 0032-72dpi  copySusan Nemeth Still Life with Pears H 16 cm W 30 cm D 18 cm Porcelain, coloured slips,  23ct gold leafFil et Ruban Vase Sculptures, porcelain, coloured slips, transfers, gold leaf, H 42-53 cm, W 20-28 cmSusan Nemeth
ground floor 4, The Chocolate Factory, Farleigh Place, Stoke Newington, London N16 7SX

Signs of fragility, vulnerability and individuality are exposed in the handmade object.

Interaction with the material is a two-way process. My practice of making, destroying and remaking parallels cycles of decay and renewal. I build, soak, push, squeeze, break, cut, tear and repair. To destroy and rebuild allows a lack of control, increasing motion in the making. The construction methods remain visible, similar to that of drawing, erasing and adjusting. Porcelain is chosen for its purity, sensitivity and paradoxical qualities of fragility and strength. It has its own energy during the firing. Surfaces are painted with layers of coloured porcelain slip to present a skin-like membrane. Digitally printed ceramic transfers together, with glaze and gold leaf allude to porcelain’s history.