Timetable of Events at Open Studios 2016

13 mins with

You are invited to spend 13 Minutes With… each artist for a talk, a happening, a demonstration, all of them will be insights into their practices as well as their minds. No booking necessary just come along at the time shown below.

13 Minutes With…
Timetable of Events

SATURDAY 18th June
12 pm

Catherine Jacobs G14Psychological Landscapes.
1 pm
Amelia Humber F2. Painter. Viewpoint: Painting Landscapes from Scotland to Cornwall. 
2 pm
Siro Carraro F8. Figurative Painter. Siro at Work. 
3 pm
Caroline Lambard G11. Installation Artist and founder of Ideas Matter SphereA Journey into the Third Dimension.
4 pm
Sarah Hyndman F7. Graphic Designer and Author. Sarah invites you to discover that there is More to Words than Meets the Eye with fun demonstrations and experiments. These give insights into the ‘secret’ messages hidden in words that affect your thoughts, feelings and even your experiences. 

SUNDAY 19th June
12 pm

Keith Ashley F1. Abstract Painter working in oils. Pink and Other Colours.
2 pm
Helen Rawlinson F5. Textile Design/Lighting Helen will be demonstrating the process of screen printing on fabric from start to finish with an insight into how her business ticks. There will be an opportunity to join in with the printing action afterwards for any budding volunteers – all ages welcome!
3 pm
Lydia Bauman F9. Landscape Painter in Mixed Media. How I became the Artist I am Today – in thirteen minutes and five Epiphanies. What do a seagull flying over the Baltic sea, a bunsen burner and a cracked plaster wall have to do with becoming a landscape painter? In her illustrated talk Lydia Bauman will reveal five personal epiphanies experienced through her life that led her to become the artist she is today. Demonstrating that being an artist is not just about God given gifts, but about twists and turns and imperceptible signs which we read – or not – along the way.
4 pm
Brian Innes G15 Painter. Recording the Everyday in Sketchbooks

The 2016 Open Studios at the Chocolate Factory comes with an added festival-feel.  Some studios will be hosting an event, adding a little extra to this open access, free event that has showcased the art, design and craft from the makers based at the studios for more than twenty years.


All weekend
Our favourite local Pop-Up Café, Alibi Pantry, will also create a wonderful  Café throughout the weekend of The Chocolate Factory Open Studios.

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