Between humans and nature

Wiebke Dreyer’s abstract paintings are about the space around us and the relationship between humans and nature. “I am interested in the natural, perhaps primitive state of things  and how to represent it.”

“I pile up layers upon layers of  different medium, including sand, pigments, stones and wood to  create a rough natural representation of the outside world  as it is perceived from the inner emotional self. I find my inspiration mostly in nature and therefore deliberately want to differentiate it from digitally produced work that dominates out contemporary world.

I moved from Barcelona to London in 1998 and graduated from Wimbledon School of Art with the MA in Fine Art Painting in 2000. Since then I lived and worked in London, but will relocate to Berlin in autumn 2012. Before that I will have a final solo show at Lauderdale House, Highgate in July, Private View on the 11th.”

Wiebke Dreyer

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