Imaginary landscapes of personal memory

Cecilia Vargas on her latest work: “The work shown here reflects my interest in creating imaginary landscapes of personal memory”

“These paintings are inner landscapes that I see as silent mirrors that mark the passing of time. They are footprints in a solitary journey, a wordless diary which runs parallel to my prosaic experience. They are seeds, silent seeds that will coexist and trigger a continuum of meaning, a silent dialogue.

For over two decades my painting has been inspired by the relationship between landscape and memory. Hundreds of images in various stages of my stylistic development have reflected this ongoing fascination. The focus and formal qualities of the works have changed at every step, but the underlying concern remains the same.”

Cecilia Vargas

Shown above:
Untitled’, 40 x 30 cm, Mixed media on board, 2011
Back in Time’, 30 x 30 cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2012


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