Just Take Me Home studio sale – LYDIA BAUMAN STUDIO F9

Lydia Bauman F9



During our Winter Open Studio weekend …!


In an attempt to make space in my ever more congested studio at the Chocolate Factory, I’m holding a Just Take Me Home Studio Sale

Many items – marked with a green dot – will never be exhibited again and just need a good home. For that reason, in a reversal of the usual practice, I’m not telling you how much you need to pay for a piece you love – you tell me.

If you see something you love enough to take home – make me an offer!

all offers happily considered

This is an opportunity to pick something up inexpensively from amongst rarely or never seen pieces from right across my career – from still life to landscape, from sketch to finished work, small and large, on paper, canvas and panel, in a variety of media, some highly experimental.

The inventory below contains a selection of what is available and you can make your bids from today or by visiting during Chocolate Factory Open Studios 30 Nov – 1Dec


.Contact: lydia.bauman@googlemail.com

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