Line Up


“My ceramics are about expressing individuality and exploring the handmade mark. I am looking for the vulnerability, the spirit and the essence of the human touch with all its imperfections.”

“I am interested in working from the unconscious drawing; the visual note to self. The quick pure basic sketch is suggested in clay by modelling from my drawings, redrawing and remaking.  The process captures the animated qualities of both the material and the drawn line. Anthropomorphic characteristics occur naturally.

I use porcelain for its purity, sensitivity, fragility and strength. My references are the eighteenth century porcelain vases of Meissen and Sèvres. These symbols of perfection carefully eliminated the mark of the maker. By transforming these vases from the impersonal to the personal I am aiming for a bare essential quality, creating almost a caricature of the original.”

Susan Nemeth
Shown above: Line Up Porcelain and glaze H 20 cm – H 40 cm

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