Mel Brimfield at the Whitechapel Gallery

Chocolate Factory artist Mel Brimfield’s prepared pianola is the most recent commission by the Government Art Collection (GAC) which will be exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery from 21 June – 9 September 2012

Brimfield’s practice takes the viewer on a giddying ride around the world of performance art in all its various forms – from standup comedy to dance, theatre and political activism. 4’ 33” (Prepared Pianola for Roger Bannister) is an interactive sculpture that takes as its starting point the British athlete Roger Bannister’s fourth-placed position in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics as well as the experimental music and performances of John Cage. A multi-layered score with echoes of everything from the British National Anthem to BBC TV’s Ski Sunday theme tune has been composed especially for the project.

Mel Brimfield

Shown above: 4’33” (Prepared Pianola for Roger Bannister) (detail)
Mixed media, Commissioned, 2012

Government Art Collection (GAC) at the Whitechapel Gallery
21 June – 9 September 2012

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