Olympic Logo a Day pop up art

For a year the Chocolate Factory’s Sarah Hyndman remade an Olympic logo every day in the countdown to London 2012. To celebrate the end of the project the logos popped up on postcards around the N16 area – do you recognise the locations?

“Sarah Hyndman’s year long art project to arrange five everyday objects where you might expect to see the Olympic rings comes to a close today. Take a 1m 49s whizz through 366 remakings of the rings in this project finale movie” Londonist

“…a quirky and amusing collection of alternatives to the Olympic Rings in the now-cult blog” Blueprint Magazine  “She sees logos” The New York Times   “simple but striking idea” The Londonist  “…the Olympics combined with that great sense of British irony” Treehugger   “What a silly site!!!” comment on blog

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