Tearing colour paper, bits of my own drawings and monoprints…


Cecilia Vargas explains that her pieces are all “small-format recent collages, that look quite different to the paintings and works on paper of recent years with a few exceptions. They are closer to a more geometric phase of mine of the mid 90’s. This summer I felt the need to experiment and let the materials dictate a route that I will follow. I wanted to put materials together in a drawing sense. Tearing colour paper, bits of my own drawings and monoprints and sticking them together on board happened naturally. I was doing collages! Not surprisingly, the stripping down process has resulted in fairly bare images and stark compositions.

“I decided to show them fairly informally in a sort of installation, without framing, resting on nails against the wall. I will also show a few paintings done immediately before this process of experimentation.”


Collage_Forest_Series_2 Collage_Forest_Series_3 Collage_Forest_Series_4 Collage_Forest_Series_5 Collage_Window_Series_2 Collage_Window_Series_3 Collage_Window_Series_5

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