Three dimensional form


Caroline Lambard in Studio G11 explains that “My work looks at the development and presence of three dimensional form—or, how forms come to be and how they affect us.  This is expressed  through an ongoing series of installations and drawings.

“As an extension of the work, I also run an organisation called ideas-matter-sphere, which promotes dialogue between artists and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines. Presented as informal salons in central London pubs, they allow diverse speakers and audiences to discuss ideas and creative process from different perspectives.  The talks are curated to focus on specific points of connection within speakers’ practices.

“For Open Studios Weekend I will be showing small installations/maquettes and a drawing from the current project which explores the development of structure and identity.  There will also be information available on the activities of the multi-disciplinary discussion organisation which I run, called ideas-matter-sphere.”    /

Image:  Cube Planes by Caroline Lambard, photographer Sylvain Deleu

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